Matt Kester Convocation
August 6, 2015

History and EmpathyWatch streaming video
Matt Kester
University Archivist, Associate Professor of History

Jennifer C. Lane Convocation
September 25, 2014

The Habit of CurriculumWatch streaming video
Jennifer C. Lane
Associate Academic Vice President for Curriculum

Jeffrey Caneen Convocation
September 26, 2013

Tourism, Culture, and IdentityWatch streaming video
Jeffrey Caneen
Chair of Business Management Department, BYU–Hawaii

David Bybee Convocation
September 27, 2012

(Ecosystem) Service(s) in God's Kingdoms(s)Watch streaming video
David Bybee
Assistant Professor, BYU-Hawaii

Cary Wasden Convocation
September 22, 2011

Reaping Where We Have Not Strawed Watch streaming video
Cary Wasden
Associate Professor, BYU-Hawaii

Keith Lane Convocation
October 7, 2010

The Consecration of Our Studies Watch streaming video
Keith Lane
Associate Professor, BYU-Hawaii

Brent Chowen
September 9, 2008
Three R's to Creating a Global University Watch streaming video
Brent W. Chowen
Assistant Professor, School of Education
University Convocation

Wheelwright at convocation
September 6, 2007
Innovation & Organization Advancement 
President Steven C. Wheelwright
Brigham Young University Hawaii
University Convocation

James Tueller
September 14, 2006 
Ambiguity in University Education: A Classroom for Learning 
James Tueller - Professor, History


September 8, 2005
An Inevitable Paradox: Establishing a "Peaceable Habitation" in a Violent World Watch streaming video
Marcus Martins
Chair of the Department of Religious Education
University Convocation

September 2, 2004
Creating The Good Community Watch streaming video
Vernice Wineera
Director of the Pacific Institute
University Convocation

September 4, 2003
Moral Leadership in the 21st Century Watch streaming video
Dale Robertson
Chair of the Political Science Department
University Convocation

August 28, 2003
We Are the Product of Our Choices Watch streaming video
Eric B. Shumway
President of Brigham Young University-Hawaii
Faculty Convocation

September 6, 2001
Women, Development, and the Promise of Peace 
Dr. Beth Haynes & Dr. Debbie Hippolite-Wright
Professor of Economics & Professor of Social Work
Faculty Convocation

January 18, 2001
Brigham Young University-Hawaii: A Light Unto Asia 
Dr. Greg Gubler & Professor Sherman Han
Archivist & Professor of English
Faculty Convocation

September 7, 2000
Pacific Ways of Knowing and the Western Academy: A Postmodern Dialogue 
Phillip H. McArthur
Associate Professor & Chair - International Cultural Studies, BYU–Hawaii
Faculty Convocation

September 03, 1998
Chad D. Compton 
Associate Professor
David T. Porter 
Associate Professor

September 04, 1997
Debi Hartman & Kapua Sproat 
Instructor of Political Science & Adjunct Faculty of Health & Physical Ed.

September 05, 1996
Phillip L. Bruner & Garth L. Allred 
Assistant Professor of Biology / Associate Dean, Division of Religion

September 07, 1995
Paul Spickard & Randal W. Allred
Dean of Social Sciences / Language Literature Communication

October 07, 1993
Jon Jonassen, Inoke Funaki 

October 01, 1992
Sharlene Furuto & William Wallace 

October 24, 1991
Margaret Baker, James Walker, Barbara Elkington & Leroy Overstreet 

November 01, 1990
Dean Andersen, Randy Day, Christopher Crowe 

September 21, 1989
Alton L. Wade, Gary Frederick, Lanier Britsch