Fall 2018

"When Opportunities Arise"

 Olivia Christy
 Mail Center Supervisor; Special Instructor, Visual Arts Education
 November 27, 2018

"Resolve to Make Righteous Choices"

 Elder Quentin L. Cook
 Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
 November 20, 2018

"Defining Decisions"

 Brent Roberts
 Managing Director, Special Projects Department
 November 6, 2018

"Seeing Each Other Through"

 Jennifer Duerden
 Special Instructor, Music and Pianist, Accompanist
 October 30, 2018

"Acting on Spiritual Promptings"

 Jared Anderson
 Senior Enterprise Systems Developer
 October 23, 2018


"By Small and Simple Things"

 Jennifer Kajiyama Tinkham 
 Adjunct Faculty, Legal Studies Certificate Lead
 October 16, 2018


"Faith, A Divine Design"

 Rusia Pauga Mamea 
 Travel Consultant
 October 9th, 2018


"Of Time and Endurance"

 Elaine McArthur 
 Special Instructor, Spanish Language
 October 2, 2018


"That Our Strengths May Be Faithened"

 Elder David F. Evans  
 General Authority Seventy
 Septemeber 25, 2018


"Disciplined Disciples"

 John S. Tanner  
 University President, BYU-Hawaii
 Septemeber 18, 2018


Expect Miracles or ERA (Expect, Recognize, Appreciate Miracles)


 Susan W. Tanner  
 University President's Wife, BYU-Hawaii
 September 11, 2018