Winter 2018

“Witnesses to the Truth"

 Gregory Gibson    
 Associate Professor of Business Law, BYU-Hawaii
 April 10, 2018

“Our Journey is Not by Chance"

 Ivona Mills    
 International Student Advisor, BYU-Hawaii
 April 03, 2018

“That Which We Should Desire Most"

 Elder Allen D. Haynie    
 General Authority, Philippines Area Presidency
 March 20, 2018

“Lessons on Faith from Alma and Elsewhere"

 John D. Peters    
 Professor of English and Film & Media Studies, Yale University
 March 13, 2018

“Civility, a Virtue to be Admired and Acquired"

 Delsa Moe    
 Vice President of Cultural Presentations, Polynesian Cultural Center
 March 06, 2018

“How Can You Broaden Your Perspective?"

 Eric Conrad    
 Vice President of Operations 
 February 27, 2018


“Integrity: The Key to Trust in Business and in Life"

 Jim Lee      
 Dean of College of Business, Computing, and Government 
 February 13, 2017   
 David O. McKay Lecture

“Building Bridges"

 Chiung Chen   
 Professor of Communications
 February 06, 2018  


Elder Duncan
“Choose a Growth Mindset"

 Brother Devin G. Durrant        
 First Counselor in the General Sunday School Presidency      
 January 30, 2018     


Elder Goo
“In a World Full of Choices - Choose God"

 Gaye Strathearn          
 Associate Professor of Ancient Scripture, BYU    
 January 23, 2018    


“Hearts - Healed and Holy"

 President John S. Tanner & Sister Susant Tanner        
 President and First Lady, BYU-Hawaii     
 January 16, 2018